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Program/Jacket Number: 3598-S
Title: Books, Manuals, and Electronic Media
Bid Opening Date: December 9, 2020
Contract Type: Term Contract
Scope: These specifications cover the production of books and manuals requiring such operations as electronic transmission of files, black and CMYK/full color printing, printing tab dividers in black and inserting into proper location, binding, data loading and duplicating electronic media (DVD-R) and USB Flash Drive), packaging, delivery, and mailing.
GPO Office: Columbus, OH
Files: 3598S
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Program/Jacket Number: 417-079
Title: Item 1 - President’s Award for Educational Excellence (Gold Seal) and Item 2 - President’s Award for Educational Achievement (Silver Seal).
Bid Opening Date: December 11, 2020
Contract Type: One-Time Bid
Scope: Certificates print type/rule matter one side only in black ink plus a fine department seal approx. 2-1/2” diameter, embossed and stamped in imitation gold foil (Kurtz Gold 415) (Item 1) and imitation silver (Kurtz Silver 155) (Item 2), equal to All Purpose Roll Leaf Corps with two signatures printing in Pantone 282 Blue (approx. 5% ink coverage). NOTE: Grey will not be acceptable must be dark black ink. Stamping must have solid impressions, no picking, pinholes or filled letters. Stamping image is approx. 2-1/2” in diameter, centered left to right, approx. 1-3/16” from the top edge. Match previous printed sample for foil color, paper weight and color, emboss and position. Must be able to run back through laser printer to overprint names and titles after completed embossing, stamping and printing.
Quantity: 3,500,040 total copies; 2,250,020 copies of Item 1 (Gold Seal) and 1,250,020 copies of Item 2 (Silver Seal) PLUS all required dies.
Ship/Deliver Date: March 17, 2021
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: 417079
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Program/Jacket Number: 295-S
Title: Social Security Benefit Statements (SSA-1099 and SSA-1042S) Self-Mailer
Bid Opening Date: December 16, 2020
Contract Type: Term Contract
Scope: The specifications cover the production and mailing of six (6) versions of English and Spanish self-mailers. This workload requires such operations as receipt and processing of electronically transmitted files, composition, printing (including computerized imaging) folding and distribution.
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: 295-S, 295-S - all exhibits

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